WICEN NSW Inc News, Sunday 12 December

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There are no more scheduled events for the year. This however does not mean members can become complacent. The summer period has traditionally been a time for activations. Members should ensure that their equipment is working and that they are ready in case WICEN is needed.
For those who use Facebook, there is a "WICEN" group. Search for "WICEN" in the site.
Members are reminded to update their contact details if they move, change phone numbers or change their email address.

WICEN NSW Inc News, Sunday 15 August.

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This morning sees the second radio survey for Trek for Timor underway. The objective of this survey is to check
hand-held coverage on the first two sections of the course.

Coming events:
The 30th Shahzada Horse Enduro, 23rd to 27th August
Trek for Timor on 18 & 19 September.
Brookvale Endurance Ride in the ACT on 19 September
Barrington Tops SAREX on 16-17 October
Hawkesbury Canoe Classic on 23 and 24 October
Fitz's Challenge bike ride in the ACT on 7 November
National Capital Rally on 20 November