WICEN NSW Inc, is a volunteer group comprised of licensed amateur radio operators who provide emergency communications in times when the public communications infrastructure such as phone networks degrade or fail. WICEN operates as a specialist support squad of the Volunteer Rescue Association, providing recognition through the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989 and the State Rescue Board.

WICEN has teams of trained operators available at short notice, ready to provide emergency communications support. These teams can access a state-wide network of VHF and UHF repeaters, and where necessary, can rapidly move portable repeaters to the emergency location. WICEN also has long range skills and capability with access to numerous allocations in the high frequency bands.

WICEN can provide short distance or long distance communications using voice or digital modes and can send and receive email style messages via radio independent from the internet. This can be across just a few kilometres, to the other side of the state, across Australia or to the other side of the world. WICEN has a group of radio operators who are qualified to fill radio operator roles in various emergency services organisations during times of emergencies.

To support the community WICEN can also provide communication services to organisations who are operating fund raising style events in remote and difficult terrain. These events provide excellent training opportunities for WICEN members. They include charity walks and runs, horse enduro activities, car rallys, canoe races and bush navigation exercises.

WICEN NSW Inc. holds a range of federal government radio licenses issued by the Australian Media and Communications Authority allowing operation across NSW. These include fixed and portable repeaters on commercial and amateur frequencies, a portable maritime coast station and numerous frequencies for linking radio sites to create a state wide (or larger) network.

WICEN NSW's ABN is 83 747 108 984 and our Charity Fundraising Number is 12643