Coaxial Folded Dipole Antenna



Many would be familiar with the traditional folded dipole made from tubing or wire, and possibly the lightweight version made from 300 ohm ribbon cable.

The above versions need some sort of matching to enable use at 50 ohms. Awkward you say? I would agree! What if I told you can make a 50 ohm version directly from RG-58 or RG-8 / RG-213 cable?

Anderson PowerPole for 12V DC

WICEN (NSW) has adopted the Anderson PowerPole as its standard 12V DC Power Connector for all operations and installations. The connector ratings adopted by WICEN are rated at 30A and 75A. They are small, easy to terminate (either by crimping or soldering), and inexpensive. 15A and 45A versions are also available, which mate with the 30A connector while accommodating smaller or larger wire gauges respectively. Note that the 45A contacts are considerably more expensive (as is the required crimping tool) than the 15A and 30A ones.