WICEN NSW Communications

WICEN is a statewide body which has been created to serve the needs of the particular state and as such the structure within each state differs according to the emergency management plan within that state.
In NSW, WICEN operates as a specialist support squad under the NSW State Disaster Plan (DISPLAN).

Time reporting

Any Event/Operations Commander please forward hours to james.goh@vrarescue.org to be submitted to WICEN/NSW VRA for accountability.
These are collected by the end of each month.

WICEN COVID-19 Safety Plan - update

Would all members please familiarise themselves with our updated COVID plan, particularly when they are involved in any WICEN activity.

Weekly WICEN Nets

WICEN will be conducting regular weekly nets on Sunday as detailed below.

Sunday of Month 1800 Hrs
Analogue Repeater
1830 Hrs
Digital Repeater
1st Chatswood 2m Kurrajong R52 TAC7
2nd Kurrajong 70cm DMARC TG 3810
3rd Kurrajong 70cm  
4th Chatswood 2m Kurrajong R52 TAC7
5th Chatswood 2m Kurrajong R52 TAC7

The Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Running Festival is on the weekend of 17th - 19th June and is in the Wolgan Valley around Newnes. WICEN NSW will be providing communications for this challenging event. We are seeking volunteers to help out. Please email Neil, VK2XNF, at neil.fallshaw@vrarescue.org if you are interested.

WICEN NSW will be providing the safety communications support for True Grit. This is a military inspired obstacle course race being held on Saturday 25th June at Dargle Farm, Lower Portland. WICEN is looking for a small number of volunteers. If you are interested, contact Nic VK2KXN at nicholas.mclean@vrarescue.org

The weekend of 16th -17th July sees the running of this year’s Navshield. It is organised by the Bush Search and Rescue unit of NSW SES. It is a remote bush land navigational exercise involving many of the emergency services. WICEN NSW will be assisting with communications and if you would like to volunteer, email Simon VK2TW at simon.brown@vrarescue.org

WICEN NSW conducts weekly voice nets on Sunday evenings at 6pm, on either the Chatswood 2 metre repeater or the Kurrajong 70cm repeater. Please check the WICEN NSW website for details.

WICEN NSW is a communications support squad of VRA Rescue NSW.