WICEN NSW Communications

WICEN NSW is a volunteer group comprised of licensed amateur radio operators who provide emergency communications in times when the public communications infrastructure degrades or fails.
WICEN NSW is a communications support squad of VRA Rescue NSW providing recognition through the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989 and the State Rescue Board

WICEN COVID-19 Safety Plan - update

Would all members please familiarise themselves with our updated COVID plan, particularly when they are involved in any WICEN activity.

Updated WICEN NSW 40m Monthly HF Net

Please note: The HF net time has been moved back to 1830 Hrs from 1730.

  • Monthly - 3rd Sunday of each month at 1830 NSW Local Time
  • Frequency - 7110 kHz LSB +/- QRM / other traffic
  • Net Control - VK2WIZ

The format of the net is as follows:
  • Check In after commencement by Net Control
  • Regional stations first - outside the greater Sydney area.
  • Then greater Sydney stations.
  • Net Control will acknowledge callsigns.
  • Once Check In is complete, Net Control will call in each station to report signals of all stations heard.
  • Individual stations should listen for stations that check in but not heard by Net Control, and report this to Net Control, it may be viable to appoint a back up Net Control or Relay.

It will be great to see lots of stations participate.
Hope to hear you on air.

Neil Fallshaw
Vice President & Media Manager

Neil Fallshaw VK2XNF has published the Newsletter for February. It is available as a pdf here.

The topics covered include:

  • Training Gets Underway for the Year
  • Memory Walk & Jog is here for 2023
  • WICEN Members Awarded National Emergency Medal
  • Communications Boost for Rescue Volunteers
  • The Mole - Temporary Communications in the Blue Mountains
  • What Events do we have this Year

If anyone would like an item published in the Newsletter please email wicen.media@vrarescue.org