WICEN is always looking for new members who are willing to assist the community with its communications needs. It does not matter if you hold an amateur radio licence or not, or even if you have a licence but no portable equipment; whatever your present qualifications or experience, WICEN would welcome your involvement.

As well as assisting other agencies during emergencies, WICEN also provides support communications for a number of community events throughout the year. The more people we have, the better able we are to serve the community. WICEN members enjoy the benefit of insurance cover during emergency events and training exercises, as well as training in field and radio room operations.

To join, simply download the membership application form below, fill it in and mail it to the WICEN PO box listed on the form. Your application will then be considered by the State Management Committee and if accepted, you will be notified of arrangements for payment of the annual membership fee (currently $20).

Download the application Form below(Adobe Acrobat format):

WICEN NSW Membership Form
WICEN NSW Rules of Association
WICEN NSW Privacy Policy