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The WICEN NSW 2024 AGM is to be held on Saturday 10th August, 1400 hours at ARNSW in Quarry Rd DURAL.
Details will be emailed to members this month and members will also be able to join the meeting online.
It would be great if there were some new members join the committee, as some of the existing committee have been doing the jobs for many years.

This year’s Hawkesbury Canoe Classic will be held over the weekend of 26-27 October and WICEN NSW is providing the safety communications.
This is a flagship event for WICEN and requires many members to make it happen. Further details and requests to assist will be emailed to members.
Last year the radio base for the event was located here at ARNSW.

The fourth Tuesday of each month has seen online meetings available to all members to participate.
The first two of these meetings have been very successful and will be continued over the coming months.

WICEN has monthly meetups at ARNSW Dural on the first Sunday of the month.

WICEN NSW conducts weekly voice nets on Sunday evenings from 6pm on a number of repeaters around Sydney.
There is also an HF net and a DMARC net once a month for members outside of Sydney.